Bomb Crypto Review: What Went Wrong and Can it Recover? [Lessons Learned]

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Bomb Crypto Review: What Went Wrong and Can it Recover? [Lessons Learned]

Bomb Crypto started out as a potential good game with a solid future. However, a recent turn of events has caused the game token price to tank and also lose the support of its fans. Let’s take a look at what happened and whether they can turn the game around. Below are some timeline and key points that will be discussed.

Bcoin on Dexscreener

Too Generous Early On?

When the game launched its only treasure hunt mode, there was no limit to how many accounts you can have per person. While it was a good way to get great numbers as it shows many accounts playing. However, I think it was detrimental in the long term since if there is a large amount of players having more than 1 account, the actual user base is most likely less than what they are celebrating very time the hit every 100k player milestone.

Too Focused on Price of Bcoin

Having been in the Discord, I can see that every time the price of the coin doesn’t do well, people start to whine and the Developers do give in to the demands of the users. While short term it can help with making them happy, they are forgoing the longevity of the game trying to appease short term investors. They should be focusing on fixing bugs, improving their product and moving forward with their vision instead of paying attention to the coin price.

Fake Users on Discord

Having frequented their Discord, I often noticed their active user base doesn’t increase, while their number of users kept increasing daily. Not sure if the members were just spam bots joining, but it can be quite deceiving.


While everyone was looking forward to the marketplace, most would assume it would be a market where we can buy all kinds of bombers, from common to super legend. Turns out they only let investors buy Houses and Superlegend bombers. Not sure why they would not let us buy or sell the rest? Are they afraid of everyone selling their heroes and tank the coin price further? That is up for debate.


I think this one was one of the biggest factors as to why many investors and players of the game left or dumped the coin. Normally, most games would announce their plans and then proceed to execute it. What they would often do is to just carry out their plan and then later informing the players with an announcement on social media. Often times, they also do not explain why they chose that plan. Instead, they just say to trust them. Investors want transparency and explanation of why the game heads a certain way.

A “bad” plan executed but is communicated clearly is better than being kept in the dark. Investors just want to know where things are headed, good or bad. This gains more trust then trying to keep everything in the dark.

Nerfing Rewards Whenever They Feel Like It

This is a big one. They would nerf rewards and then suddenly un-nerf them as the community whines about it. This shows that they are easily affected by community tantrums, which is never a good sign. At the time of writing Feb 13 2022, the price of Bcoin is $0.72. They further nerfed the chest rewards without much warning. The worst part is that they hardcore nerfed the rewards of the early investors.

This makes no sense since early investors are the biggest earners/whales, and nerfing them means they will leave the game. Having a Super Legend is useless if it earns 1 quarter bcoin compared to what it used to make.


While the game is still on going, the moves that they made can be said to be mediocre at best. While I do have a small amount of money invested, it does make me lose quite some confidence in their ability to communicate with players and execute their plan well.

Only time will tell if the game can carry on. Being Binance Smart Chain’s top performing play to earn game means nothing if the investors are unhappy and feel betrayed.

I hope they can turn things around by being more transparent and just focus on improving the product.

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