Defi Kingdoms Crystalevale Launch Details [March 30th 2022]

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Defi Kingdoms Crystalevale Launch Details [March 30th 2022]

Defi Kingdoms will be coming out with their Crystalvale Launch on March 30th.  This is quite some exciting news,  given that this was announced very early in January when the game was new. Below is the trailer.

For most players that are already playing the game, they have mentioned that the airdrops for crystals will be determined when Crystalvale launches.

So what to expect from the cross chain launch with Avalanche?

There will be 3 new heroes, cross chain transfers and of course new liquidity pools. Looking forward to the launch and see what it is in store for us. Also, $JEWEL will be used in the transactions as a gas token in Crystalvale, giving it more utility.

JEWEL as Gas Token

One of the greatest advantages of building DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain on our subnet is to empower JEWEL. JEWEL will no longer only serve as a Serendale Governance Token, but will now also serve as the Network Gas Token of DFK Chain. Players of DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale will use JEWEL to pay for transactions on DFK Chain.

This decision does not increase the total cap of the JEWEL token. JEWEL will continue to only be minted in the Master Garden in Serendale. In-game bridging will be provided to allow for JEWEL to be moved to DFK Chain to pay for transactions and provide liquidity. The effective total supply across all chains remains at 500 Million JEWEL.

With JEWEL used as a gas fee where will it go?

  • A portion will be given to the designated wallets of the validators. This allows us to attract more validators and further decentralize the chain.
  • A portion will be burnt. This will continuously increase the value of JEWEL by implementing a consistent burn mechanic and deflating the supply.
  • A portion will be sent to the Quest Fund to reward our community and players.

Here is the medium article of the launch of Defi Kingdoms on the Avalanche sub-net:

Stay tuned!

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