Defi Kingdoms Profession – Fishing Guide

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Defi Kingdoms Profession – Fishing Guide

Welcome to the fishing guide! This profession is all about catching fishes and maybe getting some rare items along the way.

Fishing is a profession where you try to get a variety of fishes and possibly collecting rare items along the way. The standard stamina cost per attempt is 7 Stamina for a hero. You can send up to 6 heroes per attempt. However, if the hero has the foraging profession, it only costs 5 stamina per attempt.

Each hero can attempt 5 times per day. Each subsequent attempt has an increased duration time.  1 hero stamina is recovered every 20 minutes. When your hero is done with the quest, they also gain experience as well.

A level 3 Monk with fishing experience and decent agility and luck stats.

The main stat for heroes to look for is Agility (AGI) and Luck (LCK).

Below is a chart showing you the duration based on the the number of heroes you send (time is in seconds).

Attempts 1 Hero 2 Heroes 3 Heroes 4 Heroes 5 Heroes 6 Heroes
1 20 50 80 110 140 170
2 50 120 190 260 330 400
3 80 190 300 410 520 630
4 110 260 410 560 710 860
5 140 330 520 710 900 1090

When you forage, you can get the following items below.

Image Name Chance Gold Value Use Case
:/ Nothing 50% None None
Bloater 23% 2.5 Alchemy
Ironscale 9.015% 5 Alchemy
Lanterneye 9.015% 10 Alchemy
Redgill 6.015% 15 Alchemy
Sailfish 1.015% 12.5 Alchemy
Silverfin 1.015% 100 Alchemy
Shimmerscale 0.915% 75 Alchemy
Blue Pet Egg 0.01% Market Price
Shvas Rune 1% Market Price Level up Hero
Gaia’s Tears ? Market Price For Summoning

Fishing, much like Foraging, is a beginner friendly profession to get into. It does require more active gameplay as you need to come back and re-start missions once they are completed.

Click here to go to the beginners guide.

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