Defi Kingdoms Profession – Gardening Guide

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Defi Kingdoms Profession – Gardening Guide

Welcome to the Defi Kingdoms gardening guide!

Gardening allows you to gain additional Jewels in the liquidity pools. This profession is good if you have a large amount of money in the gardens. Otherwise, it is best to stick to Fishing or Foraging.

Unlike Fishing and Foraging, it takes 12 minutes to drain 1 stamina of the hero. However, if your hero specialize in the Gardening profession, it only takes 10 minutes to drain 1 stamina. A gardening hero will only take 240 minutes to be completely drained, assuming he/she has 24 stamina.

You can only have 1 hero in 1 gardening pool. You will need to select which pool you want your hero to be in. Below is the formula for how much Jewel your hero can earn:

earnRate = launchBonus (rewardPoolpoolAllocationLPowned (0.1+ (WIS + VIT) / 1222.22+ (GrdSkl) /244.44)) / (43,200- (7200 * geneBonus))

Here is a simple breakdown:

Reward Pool – Quest pool wallet balance

Pool Allocation – Percentage of JEWEL allocation assigned to a specific Garden

LPowned – Percentage of the LP owned by the player

GrdSkl – Hero’s gardening skill rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, 1.8 skill is rounded down to 1.

geneBonus – Proper bonus 20% boost on JEWEL return, increased rune and tear drop rate, reduced 1 stamina consumption time

launchBonus – Lunch bonus for 4 months. It starts at 5 and decreases by 0.5 every two weeks until it reaches 1.

Aside from getting more jewels, your hero can also pick up potential items below.

Name Chance Gold Use Case
Bluestem 9% 5 Alchemy
Milkweed 4% 12.5 Alchemy
Spiderfruit 6% 10 Alchemy
Green Pet Egg 0.02% Market Price
Shvas Rune 1% Market Price Level up Hero
Gaia’s Tears ? Market Price Summoning

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