Bomb Crypto Introduces SENS Token – What it Means for Bcoin…

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Bomb Crypto Introduces SENS Token – What it Means for Bcoin…

So Senspark recently added a new coin called SENS token, which will act as the governance token for all of Senspark’s current and future games. Ever since the Bitcoin slump in early January, all gamefi coins have taken a massive hit and have yet to recover. This is to be expected, especially for such a young and new industry.

The next Bitcoin bull cycle probably will not return until the next halving, which is going to be 2024. That means the entire cryptocurrency market goes into “Crypto Winter Mode”. Many projects will not survive the bear market and only the best projects will stand a chance to last until then.

Bomb Crypto and Bcoin’s Future

The SENS token is designed to be incorporated into any future games that Senspark makes. They also did not go with the private sale route, giving us the players to mine the coin. There is no sell pressure initially, which is a good thing at first for an inflationary coin.

SENS can only be farmed or used to buy heroes in Bomb Crypto. They are trying to make this similar to what SLP in Axie Infinity does, but with a use case of the ability to buy heroes and its utility in future games.

→ At the time SEN token is launched, SEN and BCOIN will have equal value, we will balance the value of both Tokens to ensure they can be jointly maintained and used sustainably in Bomb Crypto .

I think what they are trying to do is to release the sell pressure off Bcoin for now since SENS is now the “shiny” new token to farm, buy or sell.

The Bombcrypto Launchpad

Since Bomb Crypto has already been out, they plan to use this as an opportunity to let Bomb Crypto users mine the new coins of the games that are coming out soon.

Recently and currently, we have been working with many new games (which have not been released yet) in their IDO stages to integrate their tokens into our game in the near future so that Bombcrypto users can have the opportunity to mine the tokens of the brand new games (instead of those games that have already launched and been on the market for a while ) 

Since we will not know how the price of Bcoin will react to this, this does give the people that hold or play Bomb Crypto an advantage as we get first priority in future launched games.

We can see that the Senspark team is doing their best to keep Bomb Crypto going. I can see their vision in the play to earn space. It is not easy to keep moving forward when things are not going their way.

  • In April, there are a few features expected to be launched including: Buff reward, Open market for all heroes, and VIP
  • And some features will be coming in Q2/2022 such as PVP, Upgrade Rarity, and House Decorations

The open market feature and VIP is something that will shake the price of Bcoin. I am not sure how Bcoin will react now that SENS token is out. If it wasn’t, I think the open marketplace would see HUGE selling pressure as people are trying to sell their heroes to re-coup whatever left in their investment. Also, PvP in the future will be the only place you can earn Bcoin.

We will have to see how SENS does over time. At the time of writing, it is doing okay. That is because they are doing a limited time offer of increased Super Legend rates at 0.5% instead of 0.05%. At the moment, SENS coin does not have the staking feature, so Bcoin will still have some incentives to keep.

SENS initial hype pump

Time will tell how this coin will perform over a long period of time. They will still have to balance both coins and that will always be a tough task, granted it is a new economy with no proven track record.

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