Defi Kingdoms Profession – Foraging Guide

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Defi Kingdoms Profession – Foraging Guide

Welcome to the Defi Kingdoms foraging guide! You will learn about foraging and the how it works here.

Not all precious plants can grow in the garden, as opposed to what Druids would make you believe. Let’s see if we can find some here.

Foraging allows you to get items for Alchemy, which you use them to create potions or other useful items for your heroes. You can also get rare items like the Shivas rune or Grey Pet Egg, which both are quite valuable and are sold on market price. In order to forage though, you are going to need at least 1 hero.

For foraging, the key stats of the hero you want are Dexterity (DEX) and Intelligence (INT).

A level 2 Monk forager that has been used and needs to be recharged.

The standard stamina cost per attempt is 7 Stamina for a hero. You can send up to 6 heroes per attempt. However, if the hero has the foraging profession, it only costs 5 stamina per attempt. Each hero can attempt 5 times per day. Each subsequent attempt has an increased duration time.  1 hero stamina is recovered every 20 minutes. When your hero is done with the quest, they also gain experience as well.

Below is a chart showing you the duration based on the the number of heroes you send (time is in seconds).

Attempts 1 Hero 2 Heroes 3 Heroes 4 Heroes 5 Heroes 6 Heroes
1 20 50 80 110 140 170
2 50 120 190 260 330 400
3 80 190 300 410 520 630
4 110 260 410 560 710 860
5 140 330 520 710 900 1090

When you forage, you can get the following items below.

Image Name Chance Gold Value Use Case
:/ Nothing 50% None None
Ragweed 23% 2.5 Alchemy
Rockroot 9.015% 5 Alchemy
Darkweed 6.015% 10 Alchemy
Redleaf 6.015% 15 Alchemy
Ambertaffy 4.015% 12.5 Alchemy
Goldvein 1.015% 100 Alchemy
Swift-Thistle 0.915% 75 Alchemy
Gray Pet Egg 0.01% Market Price
Shivas Rune 1% Market Price Level up Hero
Gaia’s Tears ? Market Price For Summoning

Due to foraging needing you to come check your heroes often, some people prefer other professions where you don’t have to check in all the time. However, this profession is good if you are active and can collect your items often.

Click here to go to the beginners guide.

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