Defi Kingdoms Marketplace Guide

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Defi Kingdoms Marketplace Guide

The Marketplace is the central of operations where players deal with their transactions from Harmony into Jewel or vice versa. You will also find the following NPCs as well.


The trader is where you exchange your cryptocurrency to various others. It is the main place for you to trade between different currencies with much cheaper gas fees. The two most common currencies are ONE and JEWEL. You can also exchange them for other currencies like BUSD, WBTC, 1ETH, 1USDC, DFKGOLD and so on.

JEWEL is the main currency and you will need ONE for network fees. They are low cost (pennies per transaction) compared to Ethereum, so it will not cost you an arm or leg. You can use JEWEL to buy/sell in game items or stake them in the Bank (Jeweler) for a decent yearly APR.

One of the other key functions in exchanging them to other currencies is to create LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens to earn interest yield in the LP Gardens. In order to do that, you will have to split 50% JEWEL and 50% (Insert Currency Here). You will have to take it to the Druid to make them, which will be explained below.


The Druid is where you come and either create or buy seeds to farm in the gardens. There are 2 options:

  • Create Pool – This option is to create a new liquidity pair that is not in the gardens.
  • Buy Seeds – You can create your 50/50 pair here on existing pools that are already in the gardens.

Both can be used to create your LP tokens, but if you want to make it easy, just pick Buy Seeds to create them. You will need an equal amount of each currency and a small amount of ONE for transaction fees. For those that are completely brand new, you are going to need a digital wallet like Metamask to even do this. Below is a good video of how the entire process goes in providing liquidity for the different pools.

If you prefer to read, here are is the official guide on teaching you how to do so:

And for those that are new to staking and LP gardens, please read the white paper:

Vendor (Item Shop)

The vendor is where you can find in game items to buy and used for various quests or improvements in the game. Currently, there aren’t too many items yet as the game is not fully developed. You are going to need DFKGOLD to get the items. The only way to do it is to either earn the gold in game via mining, fishing or you buy it directly with JEWEL or other currencies.


This function was recently added and now you can customize your profile picture. Changing pictures will cost a miniscule transaction fee.

Click here to go to the beginners guide.

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