Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest

Card Game, Collectible
Upcoming: 2022

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About the Game

Dreams Quest is an upcoming decentralised Play-to-Earn RPG game using dynamic NFTs. Players will create their hero and explore the vibrant lands that make up the realm of Dreams to discover exciting areas, collect crafting materials and compete in limited-time events and story-rich quests. Players will experience the game with single-player story quests, or join up with their friends in a cooperative exploration, and adventure or try their hand at casual or ranked player vs player using our collectible cards and items for a fast-paced strategy card game.

The journey starts with two free intro decks full of random cards based on which land the character comes from. These cards come in a variety of types from each of the different lands within Dreams Quest. Each player is able to customize their deck based on their unique playing style and goals.

As players continue their quest they will be collecting cards along the way to expand the value of their collection and increase power. The trading card game comes into play with how they interface with the inventory and combat of the game.

Cards can be earned from participating in quests, tournaments and events. Player can also forge them, upgrade them, or trade them with other players.


There is a Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 DREAMS (Minted over time + Pre-minted DREAMS)

Minted over time: 2 billion DREAMS (50.375% of total token supply)

  • Available for mining to players on the platform
  • Tokens will mint throughout game play

Token Allocation

The token distribution pie chart below summarises how the tokens are distributed.

Pre-minted (initial supply): 10,000,000 DREAMS

Initial supply of tokens will consist of 10,000,000 DREAMS minted for IDO participants.

Vesting Schedule

  • Available to Seed Investors: 220,000,000 DREAMS (5.5% of total token supply)
  • Available to Private Investors: 440,000,000 DREAMS (11% of total token supply)
  • Available to Strategic Investors: 60,000,000 DREAMS (1.5%)
  • Available in Public Sale: 25,000,000 DREAMS (0.625% of total supply)
  • Allocated to Marketing, Development, Community and Partners: 480,000,000 DREAMS (12% of total supply)
  • Allocated to a Reserve: 120,000,000 DREAMS (3% of total supply)
  • Allocated to Marketing, Development, Partners and Reserve: 600,000,000 DREAMS (15% of total supply)
  • Allocated to Market Making and LP: 60,000,000 DREAMS (1.50% of total token supply)
  • Team & Advisors: 580,000,000 (14.5% of total token supply)

*Please note that this 10 million DREAMS was the initial supply before the TGE.

After TGE, the initial total supply of tokens will be 106M tokens.
The following is a summary of our token minting in line with the above cumulative distribution:

  • 5% of Marketing tokens at TGE, and thereafter monthly release of tokens for 1 year
  • 5% of Dev tokens at TGE, and thereafter monthly release of tokens for 1 year
  • 0% of the Reserve at TGE, 3 months cliff and then monthly for 6 months
  • 100% of the Market Making and LP tokens to be minted at TGE; distribution for marketing making and liquidity pools as necessary. The remainder to be held in a team wallet
  • 0% of Seed, Private and Strategic on TGE, and following the vesting schedule mentioned above
  • 40% of the Public tokens to be immediately claimable, 30% claimable following 2 months

The breakdown of these numbers are as follows:

  • Marketing and Tech: 24M tokens (5% of 480M tokens)
  • MM and LP: 60M tokens (100% of 60M tokens)
  • Public: 25M tokens (which we minted in full and distributed to Red Kite, GameFi and Duck Starter to distribute accordingly) (40% of 25M tokens)

This comes to a total of 109M tokens that should have been minted.
However on BSC Scan we actually only minted 106,680,365 tokens as some tokens were pre-allocated to a development to achieve certain milestones for their work before making payment. We therefore locked their tokens up so that they would not be in public until the development was completed.

In summary, fewer tokens were printed than originally stated from the above calculations.


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